Zijie Jay Wang

Hi, I'm Jay. I'm a Machine Learning Ph.D. candidate in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech advised by Polo Chau.

My research focuses on making AI more accessible, interpretable, and accountable, by designing and developing novel interactive interfaces for people to easily and enjoyably interact with machine learning systems at scale.

I am honored to be supported by the Apple Scholars in AI/ML PhD fellowship and the J.P. Morgan AI PhD Fellowship.

July 10, 2024
I will attend SIGIR'24 in DC to present MeMemo, a JavaScript library that enables vector search and vector database in web browsers. Let's meet up! 🏛️
April 25, 2024
Farsight is recognized with a Best Paper, Honorable Mention award at CHI 2024! I will attend CHI in Honolulu. Let's meet up! 🌊
March 5, 2024
Two papers Farsight and SuperNOVA are accepted to CHI 2024! Farsight fosters responsible AI awareness during AI prototyping 🌱, while SuperNOVA highlights design opportunities and challenges for visualizations in computational notebooks! 📝
Feb. 9, 2024
I'm on the industry job market! I'm looking for a research scientist/engineer job starting in 2024 fall. Please reach out if you know of any opportunities. Thank you! 🕵️‍♂️
Jan. 17, 2024
Tired of using a chat interface to edit your writings with AI? Try Wordflow now! It's a social and highly customizable AI writing assistant! ✍️
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Fun Projects
RecRec: Interactive recommender for recommendation letter writers, such as for tenure package and green card petition.
Clip2imgur: Convenient macOS command line tool for uploading screen-shots from the clipboard to Imgur.
FaceData: MacOS GUI to auto-annotate facial landmarks from a video. Landmarks can be used to train GANs.
Graphics on the Web: Interactive 2D, 2.5D and 3D computational graphics with shaders and textures, created with HTML canvas and webGL.
Group Assignment Problem: Flexible and robust Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming model written in Julia to solve a real-life optimization problem.
Dean's list Vis: Interactive geo-visualization to explore where UW–Madison Chinese students are from.