MisVis: Explaining Web Misinformation Connections via Visual Summary

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(A) When a user visits a misinformation website (e.g., thegatewaypundit.com as verified by PolitiFact), MisVis’s Summary View shows the site's overall reliability by visualizing the distributions of its hyperlinked websites—22 of the 24 sites (91.7%) mentioning it are misinformation sites; misinformation sites shown in orange, reliable in green, and unlabeled in gray. (B) MisVis’s Graph View reveals the connections among sites, such as the well-known misinformation website bitchute.com with a high degree of connections to other misinformation sites, serving as a “hub” in spreading misinformation.
Identifying and raising awareness about web misinformation is crucial as the Internet has become a major source of information for many people. We introduce MisVis, a web-based interactive tool that helps users better assess misinformation websites and understand their connections with other misinformation sites through visual explanations. Different from the existing techniques that primarily only focus on alerting users of misinformation, MisVis provides new ways to visualize how the site is involved in spreading information on the web and social media. Through MisVis, we contribute novel interactive visual design: Summary View helps users understand a site's overall reliability by showing the distributions of its linked websites; Graph View presents users with the connection details of how a site is linked to other misinformation websites. In collaboration with researchers at a large security company, we are working to deploy MisVis as a web browser extension for broader impact.
MisVis: Explaining Web Misinformation Connections via Visual Summary
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